At DI, we believe that empowering poor individuals and their communities regarding development offers the best hope for finding and implementing viable and lasting solutions to poverty alleviation, as well as improving the standard of living. Through commercial advertisements (TV, Newspapers, Radio, Internet …), we will encourage people in the developing world to submit their innovative ideas/solutions to solve their daily living problems.
Setting priorities: Once people submit their ideas and projects, we shall select those that will be more beneficial to their community. DI supports the most innovative projects by providing technical assistance and grants if required. From our perspective, the best projects should be self-sustainable in the country/region in which they will be implemented. Such strategies are more likely to ensure full ownership by all and make a lasting impact.
Sharing and transfer of knowledge: With our members and database of donors and experts, we transfer any needed knowledge on the basis of good governance, management, budget planning and communication. We will also bring ideas and experiences that worked in other parts of the world to the local communities. Indeed, bringing ideas and projects that have been successful in other parts of the world and that have the same characteristics as these populations will avoid preventable mistakes in the implementation of some projects and make them more efficient. DI wants to be a leading charity institution in supporting practical ideas by empowering individuals and communities with the means to face and solve their own difficulties.
Mobilization of resources: Although the solution to poverty is not just in providing financial assistance, DI does accept donations for people who are in need of an initial push for their promising projects/ideas/solutions. These grants are used to provide limited technical assistance, micro grants, and innovation diffusion in different countries and regions. We will also support capacity building of our grantees by helping them promote sound management, transparency, good governance, effective communication, as well as producing sustainable results. We not only cultivate these qualities in others by providing technical assistance, but also strive to embody them in our own operations.
Intervention region and partnership: DI is willing to work with all potential partner organizations that share and promote similar values and ideas. Although, our general goal is to help reduce poverty around the world, we will focus primarily on Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia. Our philosophy is that if development occurs at a local or national level, it will be promoted across borders.