During the past fifty years, the international community has been generous towards developing countries. This aid, however, has produced mixed results in terms of development.
Now, more than ever, aid and technical support from international donors are needed. However, this aid must be channeled towards projects/solutions that are proposed by the poor themselves. Therefore, the first step for lasting poverty reduction/eradication should come from within the developing countries. This process will make the utilization of donors more efficient.
At DI, we believe that the main way to reduce poverty is to empower the people and communities in need by providing them with support and help in the implementation of their own solutions to their problems. For these solutions to be long-lasting and effective, the poor must be involved in finding and implementing solutions.
Through DI, we want to shed light on the most effective ideas and play an active role in the realization of easy-to-implement measures and policies aimed at the personal development of the poor. We strongly believe that the primary characteristic of an easy-to-implement measure is that it must directly involve the targeted population. At DI, we think the best way to achieve this is to encourage the poor to bring their ideas forward, help them organize their ideas, and then serve as an intermediary to provide them with the necessary resources.